5 Foolproof Ways of Earning Extra Cash

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So you’re sat there looking through magazines, and you spy a fabulous Michael Kors handbag, and it’s screaming out your name. Buy me! You can’t resist me! But you look in your bank, and your finances are dire. You’ve used the tips in 5 Things To Look Out For When Investing. You still want the handbag, of course, you do, so let’s start quickly bringing in some cash.

Here are five foolproof ways of earning extra money.

Matched Betting

I have never known a quicker way to earn money. When you read about the substantial amounts that people make, I know you are sceptical. But having seen the financial achievements first hand, it’s jaw-dropping. Profits are regularly shown to be between £1,000 – £2,000 each month. Profit Accumulator is the most recommended place to start. So give that a go.

User Testing Sites

These are nowhere near as profitable as people make out. However, there are a few good companies out there that if you fit their demographic will send you many tests to complete. One which I know pays well as I’ve seen the evidence is WhatUsersDo. I’ve been in the same room as a friend when they’ve tested a food delivery company and believe me, free bacon rolls all round go down very well when someone else is paying. Register online, and you are offered campaigns on your PC/Mac or iPhone. Payment is via Paypal once per month (about one month after your first campaign is completed). But they also have extra campaigns that pay more if you are eligible – watch out for those beauties.

Focus Groups

If you don’t mind chatting on the phone or going to a central location, meeting people and discussing anything from politics to shoe sizes, then have a go at joining focus groups. Sites such as Take Part In Research can pay up to £250 (I’ve seen some advertised at up to £500) for a campaign. So sign up, answer a few questions then start applying to participate. If you don’t, then someone else will, and if you want the cash, it’s quite a deal.

Focus Groups Cash

Mystery Shopping

It’s always good when you can eat, and someone else is paying the bill. Various fast food restaurants and shops pay for mystery shoppers to try out there services. You can sign up at and get given assignments weekly with times and dates to achieve the results. You then claim whatever money you have paid out to participate and get that back within a week or two. The only downside is that some weeks you can be offered nothing, especially if you’re in an area that’s not as populated as London for example. But when they offer, grab as many as you can.

Food Shop Scanning

TNS is a considerable Mystery Shopping company in the USA. You can join a part of their company here in the UK at Shop and Scan, via Volunteers 4 Panels. If you are accepted to join their shop and scan team, then you will be expected to scan your shopping once a week and anything you buy into their database. It takes about six weeks to get £10. Not great for quick cash but nice to build up for Christmas presents.

Well, that’s five to get you started right now. Get on those computers and start signing up as you’ll only be wallowing in self-pity when you’ve got no cash and your friends are splashing the cash. There’s money to earn!

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We're all looking to make extra cash in our lives. Jackie Allum discusses five foolproof ways to earn extra money that you might not have thought about. Don't sit there, start signing up to sites that you know pay well. You and your family deserve to live life your way. #money #finance #workfromhome #moneymaking

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