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Your voice may be your fortune. So let’s look at starting on the road to success with it? Having worked in radio for a good share of my adult life, doing voiceovers became second nature. As long as you have decent equipment, you can do a good job. There’s no need for expensive setups. You need a quiet area, a top quality microphone, recording and editing software. I’ve had discussions with studio people about the need for soundproofing, and personally, if you are doing it from home and don’t have enough space for a studio, you don’t need the expense of it. All you need (and this is going to make me sound insane) is a small area like a walk in wardrobe that you can push your microphone stand into. It works well if it’s a fully stocked wardrobe too as coats, jumpers and t-shirts dampen any rogue sound.

Now this voice-over was done using a Snowball iCE USB Microphone behind an Innogear Pop Filter clamped to a table in a walk in wardrobe. USB then connected it to Final Cut Pro on a MacBook.  There are two modifications that I have made since this video. I noticed that the Snowball iCE had a hum (I think it’s due to it being USB instead of XLR which would go through an external power amp). It was ok, but it was far from perfect. Since then, the mic has changed, and the way I record has changed. I don’t feed it into my MacBook anymore, I use a battery powered recorder which records onto SD card.

My set up now consists of:

What’s next? Set up an account on Fiverr. You’ll be selling your skill here so you’ll need that account. Then get yourself registered on LinkedIn. You don’t need a premium account; just a regular one will do. You need to find Voiceover Artist Groups as you will be able to promote yourself and find out what is going on in the industry. Here’s two to start you off: Voice Over Talent Needed and Voiceover Gigs. Don’t register on the first sites you find via Google. The best work generally comes by word of mouth.


It’s then just a matter of getting some ideas down on paper to record. You can then upload these to Fiverr to give clients some idea of what you sound like. If you’re brave enough to want to edit sound effects, background music into your voiceover, then use Final Cut Pro (stand-alone) or Adobe Audition (monthly). The whole idea is to showcase what you can do.  Be creative and imaginative with your showreel and try to cover as many different genres as possible. If you’re great at accents, make that your selling point, but don’t sell yourself short. Anyone can do this but it’s only those that want to succeed that will put in the effort to make sure it sounds right.


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Perhaps you don't have the physical skills sometimes to be able to earn money, but what about your communication skills? Media needs voiceovers whether it be on TV, radio or generally online. Let me show you how to become a voiceover artist. #voiceover #mainstreammedia #msm #workfromhome #frugalliving

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