Starting A Blog

If you have ever wanted to start your own blog then look no further. In these articles, you will find everything from how to buy your domain name, to writing and publishing your very first post on the WordPress Platform.  This is your first step into building your very own blog and earning some money with it.

How To Publish Your First WordPress Blog Post

OK, so you’ve got your domain name and hosting (if you haven’t you can check it out here How to Buy a Domain Name and Web Hosting). Let me teach you how to take that WordPress blog and turn it into your new website. Let’s choose a theme and get your first post published. Ready? Get yourself logged into your WordPress Dashboard. Then click Appearance, and then Theme. If you want to go with a free one, that’s fine. Choose one that you like the look of, click install. Then, go back to Appearance>Themes. If you have bought a theme, click…

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Blogging: How To Buy A Domain Name and Hosting

Blogging: How To Buy A Domain Name and Hosting

I’ve been blogging for six years properly. But even before then I had basic knowledge of how to start a blog on WordPress …