Use Your Creative Flair To Attract Money

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Use Your Creative Flair To Attract Money! Art, game shows and printables, are easy to ways to make more money. Bring more money into your household, pay for debts or put a deposit down on a holiday. It's easy when you know how.
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I love being creative. Creative people make amazing entertainers. But because I’m not a great dancer, I can hold a note, but I’m no XFactor contestant I have to show my creative flair in another way.  So I’m going to give you a little insight into some creative things that I’ve done that can open up passive income streams for you.

Become An Author

As you will have read in my article How Women Like You Can Earn £1000s Each Month in Chat Line Jobs my sister and her husband run a chat company. In 2009 I wrote her a guide that she would give out to her operators on how to talk dirty (you would be surprised at how many ladies don’t know how to do it). It was so popular that she had requests for copies from friends and family of operators, so to capitalise on it, she asked if she could publish it. It wasn’t released under my real name, but a pseudonym and we self-published it.

self-publishing to make money

Self-publishing is as easy as pie these days. It’s also free if you put it on sale digitally. My book was on sale at Lulu for £6, and my sister got 50% of the cover price but less if you wanted them to add it to the Amazon database. Now you can do this yourself, and you get up to 70% of the cover price. So get your thinking caps on!


Can you colour? Did you know there’s a market for hand coloured stamps on eBay and Etsy? The majority of stamps are sold under an angel policy where as long as you are using them personally and not making them on a large scale you can sell them on. You have to explicitly state that they have been handmade/hand coloured by you although branded stamps (Disney, Me to You etc.) may not offer the same angel policy, so you’ve always got to check your rights.

photos of feet to sell and make money

Photos of Feet

Being the sister of a dancer, guys asking for pictures of her feet is nothing unusual for me. Just take a look at the Instagram #footworshipping, and you’ll see there is a lot of money to be made by putting your feet up on the wall and taking a picture. I’ve done it for my sister on more than one occasion. The purchaser doesn’t need to see your whole body, just your ankles and feet (unless you want to go up to the knee) But here’s the how to:

  • exfoliate
  • pedicure
  • moisturise
  • add a little tan
  • add false toenails (or prepare your own to paint)
  • polish nails

That’s you ready to take snaps. People who buy these kinds of photos tend to like a variety so try:

  • no polish and unwashed
  • polished with long nails
  • glossy with short nails
  • wearing high heels
  • in flats
  • crushing or squashing food
  • buried in stuff with toes showing
  • in a willing volunteers face
  • beneath water
  • kicking something
  • being washed or moisturised
  • crossed on a wall
  • wearing a variety of jewellery on

The best way to utilise this is by private website (where you can charge them membership) rather than eBay, but I’ll talk you through that another time.

Enter Competitions

Competitions, if you do enough of them, can bring in a steady stream of prizes you can sell for cash, but with thousands more joining the hobby every time someone tells the newspaper how easy it is, the fewer prizes you win. Swings and roundabouts I know, however, if you a little creative start entering the creative competitions. These kinds of contests have by far the least amount of entries. Anything that requires more effort will be ignored by a good 70% of the competition fraternity since it needs more attention to detail. Anyone can fill in their name, email and address (there are even browser plugins like Roboform or Last Pass that make it quicker). So the quicker for some competition entrants the better.

creative flair for money

Creative competitions though hold greater opportunities since the entry rate is far smaller. It’s on the same par with blog competitions. I trialled this very thing over at UsTwoFriends. I held a competition using two different platforms. One people were asked to leave their name and email. After removing duplicate IPs/outside the UK/ruined entries, I got over 4,000 entrants. The other competition I asked them to leave their details but make one comment on the post. Again after I removed all of the entrants that didn’t follow the rules/duplicate IPs/outside the UK/ruined entries I had just under 1,000 entrants. That’s your difference. Your chance to win a prize just went up. Win more prizes, and make more money if/when you sell it.


The majority of bloggers use printables. Even I have some in a secret part of the site which you get free access to if you sign up to my newsletter.


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If you have an eye for detail then you might earn yourself a few pounds creating printables for other bloggers. Grab yourself a membership over at Canva and start creating. Timetables, countdowns, calendars, motivational memes, invitation templates are all worthwhile printables for people. Even if you’re not making them for bloggers, you can make them and put them up for sale on a wider market like Etsy.

I didn’t have time a few weeks ago to make Pinterest pins, so I went on Etsy and bought them from there. The seller emailed me the Canva link which is where I made my copy. Transaction completed.

Game Shows

When I was a lot younger, I would take part in radio quizzes. Some of the prizes were money but more often than not it was for an “experience” (generally where they put you up in a hotel for the night, then the next day you have an itinerary of things to do with the guise of it being “money can’t buy” or rare opportunities) or a physical prize (radios, t-shirts that kind of thing).

quiz shows to earn money

Some people can make quite a nice living out of game shows...Click To Tweet

I never really had a thing about applying for TV game shows although I’m a huge fan. However, some people can make quite a nice living out of it. So if you fancy having a go, check out these sites for more details.

There you have it. Creatively earning extra cash and having fun while you’re doing it. Let me know if you try any of them if you apply to be on TV or have any other money making tips you would like to share.

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  1. 12th October 2018 / 10:52 am

    Great post! I’d love to become an author so I’m really impressed that you achieved this, that’s amazing.

    PS your game show tip is such a good one, I’d never really think of things like that but as you say, you can easily make a fortune on these! I once chickened out of an audition for Catchphrase, lol!

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