How To Earn Yourself An Extra £500 Per Month

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Familiarise yourself to start with and read Earn Yourself An Extra £100 Per Month post. You’ll then be ready to make a start on the next milestone to earn an extra £500 per month. So, we’ll base this on the fact you have the original £100. Let’s work on the next £400 by adding a few more things into the mix. +£100

Focus Groups

These are another goldmine if you don’t mind travelling. Companies love market research, especially if they can ask you questions directly. Quite often market research companies invite you in for an hour or two to take part in a discussion. At the end of it, they ask for your bank details (if they aren’t paying cash) and within 24 hours it’s in your account. Take a look at this focus group email to understand what you receive.

earn extra £500 per month

£90 for this one-hour conversation. You might not do any of the talking. Several sites have opportunities so sign up for FGUK Research, Grapevine and People4U. When you’ve got 5 minutes, have a read of this article from the Evening Standard, and it’s as lucrative now. +£100

Voiceover Work

Voiceover work is very profitable. If you’ve never done it before read Earn Money Recording Voiceovers. Then buy some decent equipment and get started. For a “dry voiceover with no bed” (your voice, no background music) you can charge anything from £8 for 100 words spoken. This can go up to £40+ for full broadcast rights (TV/Radio/ Other broadcasts). Fiverr is the most profitable place to start. UK Voiceover Artists on Fiverr are few and far between. If you have an outstanding voice and quick turnaround, you could clean up! If you produced ten dry gigs a week at £8 for 100 words, that would make £320 a month before fees. To be conservative, we’ll say a tad over £200. +£240


One of the most common things to do once you have set up a blog is to get paid for posts. Read Part One and Part Two for how to start the blog if you don’t know how. Once your site is six months old, you can begin to advertise your skills. Build up a rapport with PRs and SEOs. It’s PR/SEO agencies that will pay you to host one of their articles or write an article for them on your site. For what bloggers charge on average at present, take a look at What to Charge for Sponsored Posts. But for argument’s sake, we’ll say half (as it’s more realistic). +£75

So what’s that, £515 for about 50 hours a month (if that) just on a variety of things. None of it is brain surgery, and can comfortably fit around your everyday job if it needs to. Let me know in the comments below, or on any of my social media platforms how you’re getting on. I can also give you some support or advice too, so join in and get involved.

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Here I show you how to earn an extra £500 per month with 95% of the work done online. Who knew that working from home could be so lucrative. As long as you maximise your skills you can do anything. #moneymaking #makingmoney #frugalliving #finance #money

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