How to Earn Yourself An Extra £100 Per Month

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You know that feeling. You get to the end of the month, and something unexpected happens to leave you short on cash for the next. Don’t you wish that you had a rainy day fund that you could squirrel away for these eventualities instead? Right, then let’s look at making you an extra £100 per month.

Website Testing Sites

I’ll bang on about this until the cows come home. You must join a reputable site testing company. WhatUsersDo or UserTesting are two of the most reliable at paying, so check in with them every day. Make sure the email you register with notifies you whenever there is a test sent. Tests only have a short time-frame so grab them as soon as they get announced. I have received positive testimonials from readers about these companies too. One lady has made £30 since registering after I wrote 5 Foolproof Ways of Earning Extra Cash another £20. So for example sake, this we’ll mark as +£30

Matched Betting Sites

Now to find the next £70. For this, we move on to dabble with matched betting. Since you aren’t gambling, you’re working with figures, don’t get scared of it. It’s not as difficult as you think. It’s completely legal (even if bookmakers aren’t keen on people doing it). I have many clued up friends who do this exact method each weekend, and they bring in at least £50 a month. If you have a more significant, bank balance, then you could be looking at upwards of £1000 a month. OK. Join Profit Accumulator then fire up the Each Way Catcher. Do this early (pre lunchtime) on a Saturday and Sunday as they are by far the most profitable times when each way betting. Then place your bets. You will need some knowledge of how to place bets though. It’s far more accessible with the PA software since they supply the direct links to each event. +£50

Surveys and Selling

The last £20. The first £15 we can make through Prolific Academic (there is scope to earn a helluva lot more here though). Remember to check your account daily to make sure that you make as much as much money as possible. With the remaining £5 found made from 2 quick gigs on Fiverr. (I’ve sent seaside postcards to people from there before quite successfully). +£20

So there we are. A speedy, simple way of making an extra £100 per month and if I’m honest, in hardly any time whatsoever. This could be one of many passive streams of income that you can adapt to enable you to boost that bank balance.


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If you could earn an extra £100 a month by doing a few hours work a week, I'm sure we'd all jump at the chance. Well, let me show you how you can easily add £100 to your bank balance per month. #money #finance #earnmore #earnmoney #fiscal #frugalliving

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