Five Fast And Effective Ways To Earn £5

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Summer is coming to a close, and therefore we start creeping towards the big Christmas rush. It’s time to start saving the cash to buy the kids their goodies and your parents something they’ve always wanted, so to help you on this quest, I’ve compiled five fast and effective ways to earn £5 and to get the ball rolling.

£5 not with a few random coins sitting on top of it laying on a table

  1. Throw a garage sale. People love bargains so set up in your front garden, or driveway and start selling your stuff. Kids always have far too many toys, so get rid of those making more cash to buy more for Christmas.
  2. Do some ironing or laundry. If you’re a bit of a neat freak and love the smell of fresh washing, then sell your skills doing just that. The going rate in Essex is around £10 per bin bag or £1.80 per 1lb of items for ironing. It’s calming, gives you a gentle work out and is easy to do.
  3. Rent out your driveway. If you live somewhere with high footfall, then parking might bring in a nice wedge of cash. Parking is difficult enough when you live in a highly populated town, or near a station, so maximise profits and sell out your space. Sign up for free at Your Parking Space or Park On My Drive to get as much exposure as you can.
  4. Make jewellery to sell. Handmade jewellery can demand a premium, so grab some findings, a few beads and make something unusual. You can earn £5+ a pair if you’re creative enough on the least expensive materials. Make them eye-catching and see the money roll in.
  5. Refer a friend. Companies love it when you recommend their services, but what’s in it for you? Money. There’s money in referrals, and they can pay handsomely too. Sites like Refer Me Happy can give you an idea of how much is offered and for which company. Get that address book out and recommend friends to build up that balance.

We’ve all got to pull our weight to earn a crust, so what useful ideas do you have to earn a little extra? If you’re looking for ways to live the life you want, how you want, then check out our Money Making Challenges; Earn An Extra £100, Earn An Extra £500 and Earn An Extra £1000. It’s all within your reach.

Summer is coming to an end, so we're now trying to make money in the run-up to Christmas. Paying bills and buying presents and food isn't easy unless you are earning. Here are 5 fast and effective ways to earn £5! #makemoney #makingmoney #personalfinance

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