Five Investments That Make You Richer

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Investments. The word conjures up big corporations swallowing smaller independent companies in a bid to take over the world. Whereas in reality, it’s money making the world go round. We would be in the dark ages without it. But if like me, you recoil in horror at the mere mention of the word, here are five investments to make you a “richer” person. After all, investing doesn’t always mean parting with cash in the stock market.


Invest in Matched Betting

If making money is the sole reason for investing, then why not invest in smaller ideas such as matched betting? For as little as £17.99 a month you can start your future investments by joining a matched betting site, like Profit Accumulator. Sign up for the free trial if you don’t want to invest any money straight away. They walk you through how to make £45 with a couple of small bets; then you have enough to pay for the first month. You’re in the money right off the bat.

Investments of Time

Where I live, we have a local scheme where you can swap your time at doing something for something else. I’m good at playing the piano, so I could invest 5 hours a week for free, teaching someone to play. I then bank those hours and use them against something that I want in return. Say, for instance, a financial advisor offers an hours worth of advice. I can use one of my banked hours for that. No cash has changed hands, but expertise has.

Paying Off Debt

There is nothing more satisfying in this world than being debt free.  My sister 20 years ago got herself into a lot of debt. She had just split up from her second husband and to maintain the lavish lifestyle she had; she spiralled into debt. Along came her third husband who took control of her finances and worked out a plan where she could quickly pay off her debt as well as live comfortably. It maybe wasn’t as lavish as it was before, but because of his intervention, she is today debt free and having just completed a purchase of their new house, she is delighted.  Knowing that you don’t owe anyone anything makes waking up every morning that little bit sweeter.

Join A Group

Facebook is full of them, so there’s no excuse to join some. Perhaps the next group you enter is a support group for Matched Betting, and you’re going to start a brand new journey on earning enough for a new car, a new holiday or a new pair of Milano Blahnik shoes!! The experience can make you more productive. Just think.

Learn Something New

Remember the adage “you’re never too old to learn?” It’s right. Why should learning and education be for the young? We all have desires and dreams, and if we need to learn a new skill or develop a new technique for something then let’s do it, regardless of our ages.  My mum was a Union Rep in her job, but it didn’t stop her wanting to learn and become a Regional Officer. She trained for it, and she was in her mid-50s at the time. You are never too old to learn.

Hopefully, that’s opened your eyes a bit to see that it’s not just all about money.  There are things in this life that even if we don’t spend on them, still enrich our existence by making us “rich” beyond our wildest dreams.


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Investments. It's a big old word when you don't know what you're doing. But did you know that there are five investments that you can make that can make you richer which are well within your reach? Jackie Allum explores.

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