5 Practical Tips to Save Money and Travel on a Budget

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Everyone loves to travel, but no one likes losing cash. Going around the world can be an expensive hobby. The more you do it, the more it burns a hole in your wallet. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You could still visit your dream destinations without losing too much money.

There are plenty of ways to save money and travel on a budget. Here are five practical tips to help you travel while still protecting your funds.

Find The Cheapest Flights

One of the most expensive parts of travelling is getting there in the first place. Flights can cost hundreds or even thousands. But with the right knowledge and the right timing, you can save hundreds of dollars on your travels.

Use the Google Flights search engine to find the cheapest flights around the web. Their calendar feature allows you to see when inexpensive flights are available. Prices fluctuate, so try to buy on days like Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday when not as many people travel.

If you’re taking a road trip, consider carpooling. Some services like Blablacar even allow you to become a passenger on someone else’s road trip if they’re going the same way.

Choose Cheaper Accommodation

You might be tempted to spend a few nights in a swanky hotel, but is it worth the money? It might be worth going for somewhere cheap and practical. That way, you can save your money for the holiday experiences and even future travels.

There are tons of apps for cheap hotels, like Hotels.com and Hotel Tonight. You might be able to find an incredible bargain by booking last minute.

You should also consider alternative accommodation. You can find some fantastic apartments for cheap on Airbnb. Staying in a hostel is another option that will save you a bunch of cash. You could even try couch surfing for free.

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Get Around For Cheap

Getting around on your travels can also cost a lot, especially in big cities. You might not know how much taxis and trains cost till you get there, so consider using a cheaper alternative.

Uber and Lyft now operate in various countries around the world. These can often give you a much cheaper way of travelling.

Also look into things like trams and buses. Apps like Rome2Rio can help with this.

Stretch Your Spending Budget

You’re not going to last long travelling if you blow all of your money in one place. You can often have a better experience by finding the cheap and cheerful spots.

Look on sites like TripAdvisor to find great budget experiences while travelling. Stay away from the big tourist spots, and you can still find unusual activities and shopping outlets without spending too much. Plan and find out what’s cheap before you go.

Stretching your budget as far as you can will result in more fun and more travelling.

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Work While You Travel

If you want to travel while being frugally responsible, consider working while touring.

There are many ways to do this. Some organisations offer working travel experiences all over the world. You can travel somewhere new and get a job for a few months to pay off your travels. Some even cover your costs.

You can also work freelance while travelling. Taking photographs and selling them or even travel blogging can net you some extra cash. Making money from travelling is the dream for many, and it’s easier than you think. Try this for starters: Getty Images.


Don’t let money woes get in the way of travelling. You can traverse the world, take in some incredible experiences, and still save yourself some cash. Take all of these tips on board and start travelling on a budget.

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