Five Smartphone Apps That Make You Money

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There are apps for almost everything these days, but making money using one? How true can that be? I have tested five smartphone apps that make money in just 10-20 minutes every day. If you’re an active person, who goes out and about, you can create and withdraw a tidy sum in a short space of time with these apps.

Money Making Apps

Job Spotter from Indeed: This only came on the market in 2017 but are already making waves in the USA with some of their top snappers earning $1000 a year. Available on both the App Store and Google Play. Once you sign up, you receive between five and 150 points per ad. It’s a point, snap and upload app. Find a job, photograph it and upload it to the app.  You get rewarded in points for every snap you upload that can is converted to credit. You then swap the credit for Amazon Vouchers. They check the photos for duplication, clarity and correct location by job site Indeed and once approved they go live on their site. It’s a straightforward, community loving app rewards you.

BeMyEye: This gives you local tasks (generally mystery shopping missions) to earn money. Sign up with your Facebook ID, fill in the details, adding the code (2d55q3 for an extra £1, which will be added after your first mission) then allow the app to locate you. You will take a couple of tests (taking photos of the last item you purchased) at first; then it will show you the tasks available in your area.


Click on one, read what you need to do and reserve it. Once at the store, re-read the instructions carefully, complying with what they ask, ensuring you don’t give the game away. Once out of the store fill in your answers, upload your receipt and submit it to the app.

User Testing: This is also available online (you have to sign up online before downloading the app). They offer user experience testing. Precisely like WhatUsersDo which I mentioned in Five Foolproof Ways To Earn Extra Cash.  Once you take on a test, you get $10 (about £7.50) added to your balance. They pay about 14 days later by PayPal. You do get more money with UserTesting, but you don’t get offered as many invitations. Majority of their tasks are for USA patrons rather than those of us from the UK. But it’s still worth adding the app because if you wait to do the job online via your laptop, it could very well have disappeared.

User Testing

I’m a huge advocate of these types of sites purely because I find writing quite tricky as I have neuropathy in my hands. Anything I can do verbally is by far my favourite.

Maximiles: Everyone forgets this veteran. They have been around since before even Pigsback, and their piggypoints was born (remember them) and are still going strong. You get points when you sign up to different offers (always get a throwaway email for this) and receive points when you purchase something.

maximiles app

Maximiles were one of the first places to offer points for joining bingo sites and is where I found them initially. As an example; to gain 5,000 points, you register through Maximiles and deposit £10 at BGO. Once your points are in your account, you can swap them for two bottles of wine, or add more points for a meal out in Zizzi.

Toluna: Another oldie but goodie. Check first to see if you have an account with them, as I had an old account that I had forgotten about which had a fair few points in already. Download the app, log in and take the surveys. It’s one of the easiest and the quickest to accumulate points. After logging in you will get the chance to do the quick studies which are typically worth 15 points. Not one of them takes more than 5 seconds, and you can rack up the points at an alarming rate. In between the sponsored ones, you will get the opportunity to take longer ones which require more time, but the points scored reflect this.

toluna app

Only takes a short while to get to 55,000 points especially if you take 20 minutes out a day to do surveys, and you can then swap them for a £10 shopping voucher. Perfect for saving up!

And if these don’t get you enough check out the lovely Sarah Beth’s money making apps article at SarahBethBlogs – it’s a cracking read.

So there’s enough there to keep you busy. Let me know in the comments below if you have any apps that I haven’t featured yet.


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Apps. Our lives are ruled by them. But did you know that they can help you make money? Just spend 20 minutes a day and earn a little pocket money. Available from both the App Store and Google Play, they won't make you rich, but they definitely help.

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