I Am Abnormal

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I am abnormal

I used to tell people ‘I’m just a normal guy, and if I can do this so can you’. But, in reality, I’m anything but normal. In fact, I’m remarkable.

I don’t mean I have any greater skills or abilities than anyone else, I mean remarkable in what I DO.

I do somethings differently than most other people.

I work 70 hours per week – that’s different. I do a bit of matched betting – that’s different. I blog, and generate income from it – that’s different.

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I only recognised I was different recently when I commented on a community website for people wanting more income, that they should perhaps consider matched betting.

The pelters and sceptical comments I got from their community made me question my own behaviour.

As herd animals, we like to feel a sense of belonging. To be alienated makes us uncomfortable. That’s why being ‘sent to Coventry’ (if anyone remembers what that is) or shunned is so hurtful.

Yet, here I was, offering some help/advice on a potential way to increase a person’s income and getting stick for it.

To me, my suggestion was a perfectly logical option for someone who wanted more income. I was definitely in the minority though and made to feel so.

Then I thought ‘being different is a prerequisite for becoming something different’. If I were to behave the same as others then I would BE like them. I would have THEIR lives.

I didn’t want their lives

I had designed my own life for the future, and it requires me to do some specific things. Things that others weren’t prepared to do.

My very different behaviour means I get very different results. To generate my target of £400 per week to invest, I need to be different.

I shouldn’t be surprised if my actions upset others because it exposes the problems in their own life plans.

In fact, I should expect it. I should look for it because it shows I’m different. Not ordinary. Extraordinary perhaps.

I am not the same as others. I’m different. Abnormal. And abnormal is good.

Courtesy of Perry at Stupid Is The Norm

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