Learn How Bloggers Make Money

Learn how bloggers make their money. I reveal their income revenue streams so that you can do it yourself. Be inspired to earn six-figure sums on a regular basis. #financial #finance #ukbloggers #entrepreneur #workfromhome
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Being a blogger is a hobby. It’s great fun. But there are some who have turned it into their full-time occupation, generating six-figure sums on a regular basis.

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

It’s easy to blog, but for those earning huge amounts, how do they do it? Perhaps like me, you have a small blog and are looking to monetise it, or you want to start one for pocket money. So to help you along, I thought I’d share some of their income stream secrets with you.

Bloggers Make Money


This is by far, the biggest earner for most bloggers. They have free reign on their platform to promote and sell products or services they believe in. If they use it and love it, they’ll pass their recommendations on to you, their readers. Once a person generates a sale, the blogger receives a small commission. But the window of earning opportunity doesn’t always happen immediately. Someone may click through the link in a post but might not finalise the sale for another week or two. So when they do go on to buy it, the blogger receives the kick back. It can be the most profitable streams of passive income, so affiliate sales should be at the top of your to-do list.

A couple of the affiliate programs I am a proud associate of:

Lyrical Hosting: who host this very website and who I recommend in this post: How To Buy a Domain Name and Hosting
The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit: If there is one thing you buy this year, it’s this. I was stunned at how much it featured. It’s a package containing eCourses, eBooks, printable packs, workbooks, site memberships. In all essence, it’s how to be a blogger in a box.


WordPress websites have plenty of areas for ads, so it’s the first step the majority of bloggers take. But Google Adsense doesn’t pay an awful lot. If you are new and bringing in a small amount of traffic, it’s ok as it’s quite easy to put in place on your site. But once the floodgates open and 1000s more views are delivered each month, a move to Mediavine is on the cards.

Sponsored Posts

Although a sponsored post is another form of advertising, they need much more input. PR or SEO company to reach out to bloggers to secure links for their clients. SEO work is paid at a much lower rate than PR even though the job seems similar on the outset. SEO’s are more concerned about the number of links they can get for a set price. PRs are more about building a rapport with the blogger and the brand. Work from an SEO is quicker and dirtier than that of a PRs and one which can put a strain on blogger relations. And it’s a relationship which is marred because SEOs don’t see bloggers worth to a brand, only the “link equity” received. Luckily, outreach agencies have more profitable opportunities. They’ll negotiate between a brand and blog and agree on a figure that benefits both parties. It’s then the blogger’s responsibility to write the article with a disclosure.

Recipe Creation

Recipe Creation

Food bloggers can make a mint with recipe creation. It’s not a skill that everyone has but amply rewarded if you do. Food brings in huge audiences so brands will pay over the odds to receive the traffic. It’s a niche that keeps giving.

YouTube Presentations

Brands love audience engagement, and where else can you get that more manageable than YouTube. It tends to be niche specific, and more often than not it’s beauty bloggers or food bloggers who get the call.
They’re not easy. If you have to record the presentation and edit it yourself, it can take a fair few hours, which is why the pay is generous.


When you see a giveaway on a blog, the brand or PR has typically given the blogger the same prize to try for themselves. Some bloggers also ask for a fee for doing the administration. And it’s not that they’re greedy, it’s because they have to pay to automate the competition entries.


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Companies like Gleam, make it easier to host the competition. But that simplicity costs money. The widgets collect entries, but unless you pay the monthly fee, the data remains a secret. Once paid, data then becomes available to download.

Digital Download

Digital Downloads

Advertising other people’s products might not be your thing. So, why not teach people yourself if you’re capable.

Bloggers find as time goes on, readers reach out for advice on how they can start blogs and earn money from it. It’s then that the blogger begins to become an authority in their niche, so they capitalise on it. After all, they’ve done the hard work so they know exactly how you can do it. Tap into that knowledge and offer:

– eCourses
– eBooks
– workshops
– Training courses
– One to one online sessions
– themes and plugins

Once you create the things your readers want, they’ll come back and buy from you again next time.

Membership Sites

Site Membership

People love being part of a club as it can give you much more value for money. Bloggers use freebies to build their lists, but a lot offer membership to secret areas on site too. This exclusive access can feature a whole menagerie of useful things. Templates, challenges, photo packs (which are usually quite expensive), free themes and more.

The key to this is to offer your readers a membership with more value. Don’t give them something created in haste, which is easily found for free online. Give them something they won’t get somewhere else and well worth the price. You want to secure their loyalty so give value.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Being a blogger, you gain the ability to handle all admin required. Social media marketing, copywriting, proofreading, general marketing, negotiating, presenting. Becoming a virtual assistant seems like the next logical step. But it depends on what the blogger’s expertise is. Some are social media experts; others are sensational copywriters, others accountants. Each has their skills and abilities to earn copious amounts with different revenue streams.

Who wouldn’t want to be a blogger? Hopefully, this insight into how bloggers are bringing in the big bucks can inspire you too. If you’re going to start a blog yourself, please read my How to build a blog” article. Don’t forget to join my mailing list too as I have some fantastic freebies coming soon. As always, let me know in the comments below if you want any help or advice, and I’ll see what I can do, so get in touch.

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