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I've spoken about money making apps in the past with Five Smartphone Apps That Make You Money so you're well aware you can bag a nice wodge of cash snapping ads and being a mystery shopper. Now earn money with receipt apps. Let me show you how. #moneymaking #finance #entrepreneur #workfromhome #phoneapps
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I’ve spoken to you about money making apps in the past. Check out Five Smartphone Apps That Make You Money. So you’re well aware you can bag a nice wodge of cash snapping job ads and being a mystery shopper. But there are apps out there that you can earn money from submitting photos of your receipts.
Let me take you through those you need to add to your phone right now to start saving for Christmas.

Shoppix – Android/iOs

Shoppix is a money making app where you scan your receipts, take part in short surveys, earn scratchcards and collect tokens to exchange for cash. Collect tokens to move up the “shelves” in the app which gives you entries into the weekly prize draw. But by the more tokens get you nearer to your Amazon, iTunes, Love2Shop or Paypal rewards. You receive 25 tokens per receipt with an extra five tokens available if you upload the receipt the same day.
Take a photo of your receipt, submit it and wait for the company to process them. If it’s accepted, it will light up a shopping bag on the shelf. When the shelf is full, you move up to a higher shelf. Four bags fill the shelf apart from the first two shelves which only take one and two bags to fill.
  • 3200 tokens = £5.00
  • 6000 tokens = £10.00
  • 11500 tokens = £20.00
You receive scratchcards for completing two consecutive weeks and two scratchcards for completing three+ consecutive weeks. Submit as many receipts as you like, but you will only receive tokens for the first 30 they accept with the cap calculated over seven days.
You are also encouraged to invite up to eight friends via a code in the app. My code is 4NFP072N, and if you use that code, you will get 200 extra tokens once you have completed the profile survey and I would get a little kickback of 200 tokens for referring you. But be quick, it there’s only eight codes left.

Snap My Eats – Android/iOs

Earn eGift codes for Amazon by snapping the receipts of your food and drink purchases. You earn £1 for every three receipts you submit per month (up to £5 in total). It’s not a lot but is one of a few different apps that pay it builds up. There are also bonus opportunities to earn more codes.
The rewards on this app aren’t dependent on the number of points you accumulate either. Around the 15th of the month, they start sending out rewards by email. I received my code on the 26th of this month so it can take up to two weeks, so don’t panic if you don’t receive it straight away.

HuYu – Android/iOs

Submit snaps of supermarket receipts from the major food retailers. Sadly Huyu won’t accept receipts from takeaways, fast food restaurants and retailers like WH Smith. Stick to supermarkets and online grocery stores (Ocado, Tesco.com and more) and receipts dated within seven days of purchase. The company will refuse receipts older than seven days.
You receive five points per receipt. Points don’t have a currency value, but you can redeem 500 for a £5 voucher code which is available through their rewards partner.
As yet there is no incentive for you to invite people to use the app, but you can add receipts from family members who live in the same household with no issues.

Receipt Hog – Android/iOs

Receive points, spins or competition entries for uploading snaps of your receipts. You have to take clear pictures for Receipt Hog because any slight blurring or crease which obscures information will not be successful.
You can upload up to 20 coin receipts during each week as defined in the app. To err on the side of caution, upload more than 20 to secure the most rewards.
Receipt total and coins earned:
  • Less than £10 = 5 coins
  • £10 – £50 = 10 coins
  • £50 – £100 = 15 coins
  • More than £100 = 20 coins
As well as one prize draw entry for each receipt you upload. Monthly prize draw attracts nearly 100,000 participants with 5505 prizes on offer. Chances of winning are very slim, but it’s still a nice little extra. Receipt Hog doesn’t allow you to refer friends so there’s no way to earn extras apart from surveys and prizes.

Tips For Maximum Return

  • Use the same receipt on each of the apps
  • Always keep the receipt when it’s been scanned in case another offer pops up in the following few days
  • Place receipts on a black background when you take a snap to force the camera to focus on the lighter item
  • Always take photos in natural light
  • Don’t crush or fold receipts as it can obscure item details
  • Go wombling
  • Join app support groups on Facebook
So what’s your method of earning with these types of apps? Do you share receipts with family members? Do these apps determine where you shop? Let me know in the comments below.

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