6 Ways to Make Money in your Lunch Break

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No matter how long you have for your lunch each day, you can use some of that free time to earn extra money. At your desk in front of your computer, or out and about with friends use the time wisely! Here are six of my own tried and tested ways to make money on your lunch break.

Making Money

Mystery Shopping

Who wouldn’t love a job that pays you to go shopping? That’s what you get with Mystery Shopping opportunities. Register, tell them where you live and search for tasks local to you. The mystery shopping admin will ask for a receipt when you have completed the mission. They will then submit this for payment. Market Force, one of the most well known in the UK are probably the best place to start. Just sign up, fill in the assessment and get ready to go shopping.

Survey and Offer Sites

20 Cogs. For each assignment that you complete you receive a green cog. This cog is a visual representation of a completed project. It might be an offer to trial Amazon Prime for a month or a short questionnaire to complete. Whatever assignment it is, when you complete it, you will add an extra cog to your dashboard. Fill up all 20 cogs and request payment by BACS or Paypal. Completing an offer can take 2 minutes to 10 minutes. It’s easy money for little effort.

Pay to Click Sites

These types of websites give users points for completing tasks. On Instagc you complete tasks for points which then go towards purchasing gift cards. It’s quick to sign up for and has an extensive range of offers to complete. Your chance of earning quick cash is highly probable. Swagbucks is also highly recommended with its multitude of offers from different categories. Commit each day to get a set amount and get a bonus. Join their Facebook page and take part in competitions. Swagbucks feature several, time restricted offers that give higher credits. With lots to do, they give you ample opportunities to earn what you want.

Making Money


Entering competitions is an incredibly beloved hobby for some. Competition Database and Prizefinder make entering giveaways effortless. They show lists of prizes on offer via websites and social media ready to enter. There are 1,000s of prizes available to win every day. The most user-friendly is Competition Database, which allows you to enter at the click of a button. You can enter 100s upon 100s this way, maximising your chances of winning a prize.

Cashback Sites

If you want to spend your lunch break shopping, you must join cash-back sites like Quidco and Top Cashback. Right now join through this link: Quidco Offer you will get a massive £12.50 bonus when you earn your first £5 cash-back. And using these sites are simple. Whatever store you’re looking to shop in, pop it in the search bar and follow the link on site. Cookies track your shopping and once the transaction is complete, you receive cash-back. A quick glance at today’s offers shows £120 cashback if you take out a car policy and £125 cashback for signing up to Sky. It’s a crazy opportunity to make money!

User Testing

Website testing is big business. Companies want to know if their website is working well, or if their new app is bringing in leads. The only way they can get impartial advice is from the end user, i.e. you. WhatUsersDo a prestigious website bringing customer and client together. WUD will show a project on your account dashboard. These offers range from checking how a site works to downloading an app and testing it. You then vocalise everything you do. There is no need to go on webcam. Their software fires up a screen-recorder and records your voice and what you do while it’s live. Complete the project, and within 14 days you’ll receive payment by PayPal.

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No matter how long you have for lunch each day you can still make money. Here are six tried and tested ways to make money during your lunch break. Make your lunchtimes work for you. #frugalfamily #makemoney #moneymaking #frugalliving

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