Yellow Sticker Cut Price Bargain Buying

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If you live on a small budget, buying treats on a regular basis can become an unnecessary expense. It can be monotonous but not when you find yellow sticker bargains!

Yellow sticker varieties

Every supermarket has their version of the yellow sticker or cut-priced items that are reaching their best before dates. Asda calls their yellow stickered items “Whoops” more commonly known as “Whoopsie’s” while Tesco gets marked simply as REDUCED. But both promote the same thing. Bargain buys!

yellow sticker

It’s Whoopsie Time

You’ll spot yellow stickered items at various times of the day. Unlike a few years ago, when supermarkets found the need to employ extra security guards. The vast number of bargain hunters fuelled with the desire to fill their fridges and in some locations line, their pockets with reselling at higher prices, lead to sale times being varied.  Now the organised teams of bargain hunters (in itself not a bad thing but it’s the aggression that it leads to) being limited in what they can grab, has thankfully allowed the regular shopper to bag a bargain.

What’s On Offer?

Our local Asda store rolled out reduced baked goods out for sale this morning at 11 am. But this doesn’t mean that your local store has identical timings. You have to chat to staff and visit at various times to get to know your own store’s timetable (unless of course, you work there). But let’s look at today’s haul (July 2018) and see how much we saved.



  • Organic Eggs usually £2.50, yellow stickered £1.90
  • Pork Pies usually £1.06, yellow stickered £1.00 (not great but we wanted pork pies anyway)
  • Frittatas usually £1, yellow stickered 68p
  • Pukka Pies usually £1.65, yellow stickered £1.17/£1.19
  • Ginsters Beef Slice usually £1.50, yellow stickered £1.00
  • Asda Brioche Buns usually 80p, yellow stickered  10p
  • Asda Garlic Slices usually £1.00, yellow stickered 76p

Not a massive haul but some nice pieces for lunches on the go next week and for when I have a craving for a takeaway style meal with chips.

But give me your tips and techniques for grabbing these yellow stickers. What’s the best thing you’ve bought, or have you simply cleared the shelf and taken them all to the food bank? Let me know. We might feature you here on Fiscal Freelance!

Living on a small budget can be difficult. If you live near a large supermarket, then you might be surprised at what you can find in the way of yellow sticker bargains? What will you find?

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